Wash All the Pain Away

Come wash with me and I will tell you my story of love, horror and broken dreams.

Do you ever wonder who is loading their dirty clothes into the washing machine next to you at the laundromate? Who is the person you share this intimate silent routine with? And what is their story?

In collaboration with Mette Moltke Wozniak, SAMLING is developing a bineaural site-specific sound installation at the Annes Sol & Vask laundromat.

Anne’s Møntvask & Sol

Ide: Mette Moltke Wozniak/ Helle Kirstine Egsgaard / Marie Boye Thomsen
Medvirkende: Eliana
Interviewer: Mette Moltke Wozniak
Klipper: Mira Kellerman
Final mix: Simon Don Eriksen
Iscenesættelse: Marie Boye Thomsen/ Helle Kirstine Egsgaard/Mette Moltke Wozniak/
Komponist: Lasse Aagaard

Projektet er støttet af Statens Kunstfond